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In 2008, the Foundation Jos Reniers published the book "LEEF/LIVE". It describes and pictures the new work of Jos Reniers. In seven intrusive sculptures he shows the dramatic cycle of life and death. In these seven sculptures, that have almost something sacred, Jos Reniers is looking for life, to the deepest hidden essence, to the origin.

Photos, drawings and text: Jos Reniers. Size 29 x 24 cm, 128 pages Duotone print, contains over 160 photographs and drawings, tightly bound with linen tape. Published in May 2008 by the Foundation Jos Reniers at Helmond, the Netherlands. ISBN 978-90-809423-2-5

Price:€ 29,50 including 6% VAT, excluding dispatch costs. The book "Leef/Live" can be ordered by sending an email. click here to view previously published books of Jos Reniers.